We provide quick, safe, and efficient solutions for transporting various types of goods. We can meet any demand with our large fleet of vehicles. Refrigerated transport, liquid food or ADR, containers, general goods: we manage every type of load in a comprehensive and flexible manner, integrating ourselves into each company’s production and distribution processes.

For food tanks, we have two private internal washing facilities that allow vehicles to be cleaned and reclaimed between shipments.

Each vehicle is outfitted with a Track and Trace system, which allows us to know the exact location at all times thanks to the satellite connection.

We choose the best mode of transportation for the customer’s needs, always providing a quick, high-quality, and efficient service.

We can manage any destination due to our offices’ strategic location and a dense logistics network.

We transport for you:


Flammable liquids in ADR must be transported in a specific and controlled manner. We have ad hoc tankers that ensure dependable and, most importantly, legal movement. Drivers are trained to handle this type of load in the most secure manner possible.


We have refrigerated vehicles, such as refrigerated semi-trailers, that maintain a specific temperature and are controlled throughout the journey for the transportation of perishable food goods. Each semi-trailer is configured differently depending on the type of product, such as a double loading platform for goods that cannot be stacked or hooks for transporting hanging meat.


We specialize in the transportation of food liquids, with vehicles and modes tailored to each customer's needs. All transports are managed individually, without stops, and at the customer's full load. We have two private washing facilities where the tanks are cleaned and sanitized before and after each transport. As a result, we can guarantee a secure and cutting-edge service.


In order to provide a more comprehensive service, the fleet includes semi-trailers container 20', 40', and 40' high cube. We transport all container types, primarily in northern Italian ports and terminals, ensuring broad coverage and quick turnaround times.

General goods

Whatever the type of goods, we can handle the transport, whether full or partial load, based on the customer's needs. We carry out the movement of goods even in times of emergency, organizing the transport based on the complexity of the shipment.


We expand the company fleet with specialized vehicles that provide customers with targeted solutions. Tipping tanks for cleaning and granular transport are the best flour and food industry proposal.

Development and Research

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact while also renewing ourselves. The R&D team is eager to think about and test new technologies, such as the Flexitank, a flexible tank ideal for oils and non-hazardous, liquid and dry loads.


We have collected doubts and questions from customers over the course of our 30 years in the industry. We chose the most common and provided a clear and timely response.

What kind of transportation do you provide?

We handle all modes of transportation. From perishable goods to flammable liquids, we transport everything from food liquids to general cargo. We handle full and partial loads, and we use the best vehicle for the job based on your specifications.

Do you provide international transportations?

We guarantee complete distribution on national and international territory due to our dense distribution network.

Is it possible to obtain a quotation?

Each customer has different requests and needs. In the Contacts section, you can request a customized quote. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer liquid food transport?

The transport of food liquids is our strong point. We are equipped to manage every trip, choosing specific means and sanitizing the tanks before and after each transport.

Can I find out where my goods are kept?

Each vehicle is linked to a satellite system that tracks its location. You can request access to our portal to find out where the vehicle is at the time.


If you need a quotation, do you want to ask us for some specific information about services? We’ll tell you as soon as possible!