Our goal has always been to be more than just a service company for three generations. We want to assist the customer during the most critical stage of the business, becoming true partners and creating value. A comprehensive and personalized service based on the customer’s needs, to accompany him in the complex world of transportation and logistics.


The ideal vehicle for any type of cargo. Depending on the mode of transportation, we recommend the vehicle that best meets the customer’s needs. Because of the size of the park, we can provide a variety of vehicles such as road tractors, food tanks, and semi-trailers. More than 800 vehicles are currently available, and they are constantly checked thanks to maintenance performed at the internal workshop. Drivers who have specialized in their guide

300 tractors for the road

150 tanks of liquid food

200 refrigerated semi-trailers

100 tarpaulin-covered semi-trailers

Container ships with 50 semi-trailers

sqm Cortemaggiore

sqm Alba

sqm Caiazzo


The fleet is made up of vehicles that are both safe and constantly monitored. We have a functional internal workshop that, in addition to repairing any faults, performs continuous vehicle control and maintenance actions. In this way, we not only ensure that drivers’ journeys are as safe as possible, but we also ensure the efficiency of an eco-friendly guide.


Food liquid transportation includes a number of safeguards that ensure its dependability and safety. Tank washing is a critical step in achieving high quality standards. As a result, we decided to own two tank washing facilities. We can ensure that they are clean and sanitized before and after each transport this way.


Caiazzo (headquarters), Cortemaggiore, and Alba are our three locations. In the field of transportation and logistics, we believe that it is critical to carefully select where to be present in the territory in order to optimize and manage the needs of each customer. Indeed, the offices’ location proves to be particularly strategic in order to cover any destination and storage with our services.




Chairman of the Board of Directors




Myriam Fasulo

Myriam Fasulo

Administrative manager

Giuseppe FASULO

Giuseppe FASULO

Operations manager


Agile, well-structured, and secure.

We have expanded significantly in recent years, opening several strategic locations in Italy and Europe. Our offer is capable of meeting the quality of services within the timeframes specified by the customer, even the most stringent ones. We understand that needs cannot always be anticipated, and a partner worthy of this appeal must be able to organize a transportation service that can remain excellent even in a short period of time. Through an agile, structured, and secure work process, we collaborate on supply chain optimization. Any request, no matter how demanding, is handled in accordance with the times specified by the customer and managed with precision and professionalism by a rigorous and punctual work team.We really think in terms of collaborations, and Fasulo has always worked hard to improve their quality.