Not a single action is worth taking if it is not useful and respectful towards others. We believe that this belief must be matched by actions to be guaranteed and protected in an inviolable space that must be protected because it holds the values that are ensured regardless of the service for which Fasulo has existed for two generations.

The ‘Keep Safe‘ space was created to identify not a set of theoretical documents but a space belonging to everyone that, through its multiple interpretations, offers a departure point for building shared paths, that can be chosen one by one, and for defining the actions necessary to create them. Keep Safe is an incentive for sustainable development, a container of values that is our number one priority.

We would like to point out that all these certifications are NOT MANDATORY but, more than being important for penetrating certain markets, for us they are a MORAL OBLIGATION.


TRANSPARENCY becomes a precise protocol, specifically designed for transport and logistics: Transport Compliance Rating. The TCR is a pact of honesty between Clients and Producers based on an objective rating of compliance with a set of essential requirements. We have met all these requirments with a satisfactory score.


We believe that RESPECT deserves its own form of consideration even with regard to religious beliefs. Global trade must take into account the existing cultural and religious differences between people. This is demonstrated by the certifications that safeguard consumers, regardless of their religion.
We have worked hard to ensure respect for religious beliefs with no fewer than two certifications:


LAWFULNESS, FAIRNESS, NON-DISCRIMINATION, CONFIDENTIALITY, DILIGENCE, LOYALTY are hallmarks of our Code of Ethics and Conduct, with which we are proud to comply and to share with everyone with whom we work.

The principles of EQUALITY and the protection of the FREEDOM, DIGNITY and INVIOLABILITY of the individual set out in the Code of Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment are applied across the board in a work environment inspired by respect and personal well-being.