Fasulo is a partner company for those who want speed, safety, and precision in the management and transportation of their goods. We have been dealing with transportation and logistics for over 50 years, providing our customers with cost-effective and efficient solutions..


Not just for intercity travel. With time and experience, we have gradually broadened our field of action. We are now easily present throughout Europe thanks to our logistics network and a large fleet of over 800 vehicles.

We are well-known on a global scale because we guarantee every customer speed, safety, and precision. Whatever the destination, the team will be able to propose tailored solutions.


Distribution logistics

The distribution logistics phase is one of the more delicate phases for a company, and it is certainly one of the more prone to complaints. It becomes critical to be present in a timely and precise manner. As a result, we make certain that every delivery meets the agreed-upon deadlines and modalities. We guarantee complete distribution on national and international territory due to the dense distribution network covered by our partner companies.

supply chain management

Managing the Supply Chain is becoming an increasingly important activity for companies that want to be competitive in the market. From raw material supply to final product distribution, we provide specific skills and professionalism with the goal of optimizing costs and providing a service that is always excellent and meets expectations.


The processes that affect a warehouse can be complex and difficult to manage, but they are essential for coordinating the smooth movement of goods. Planning, preparing, studying, and controlling picking operations may appear to be simple tasks, but when performed by a trained and professional team, such as ours, it optimizes warehouse activities while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Just in time

The Just In Time (JIT) technique is frequently used for optimizing supply management and asset production. We take care of putting this approach into practice among the logistics services we provide to customers, making production more streamlined and >faster. We listen to each customer's problems and needs in order to recommend feasible and effective solutions.

Quality control

Slow, clumsy, and inaccurate logistics means providing a low-quality service that, even with the best product, risks jeopardizing a company's turnover and profitability. As a result, it is critical to maintain a high level of quality at all times. We assist you in developing a Quality Control plan to ensure that you always maintain a high quality standard.


We want to provide a secure and trackable shipping service for goods and vehicles. We know the exact location at all times thanks to the satellite connection, which allows us to monitor vehicle movements and ensure greater safety during transport.


In 50 years of experience we have seen and collected many experiences. We have come a long way, and we will still have a long way to go. We have collected a series of shots that tell the kilometers traveled and the activities we do every day with passion and love.

green vision

At Fasulo, efficiency represents an added value not only in terms of customer costs, but also in terms of environmental protection. We enjoy our work, and we enjoy doing it while keeping the environmental impact of our actions in mind. This is why we promote a work ethic that includes not only respect for all employees and customers, but also respect for the environment. We are committed to lowering CO2 emissions by limiting empty miles, training drivers in eco-friendly driving techniques, and using vehicles from the most recent generation.

It is important for us that all this is achieved in accordance with the rules in force. As a result, we are proud to include the ISO 14001 certification, which certifies the standard of requirements for an environmental management system within the company, among our certifications.